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If you've forgotten how well off you are to have your family, read this: I'd finally had it. The children were loud, irritable and impossible. I was tired and fed up. My wife was tired and fed up. So I decided to run away from it all and have a day just for me; a day in which I did what I wanted. I was going to live it up and be greedy as I pleased. I want to tend to anybody but my self.

I zoomed out of the house with #25. There, I did it I said to myself as I drove to the A-road and bought north. Well, I went to a shopping center, had a great time in a bookstore and bought the collected poems of Walt Whitman. Afterward, I drove to McDonald's and ordered two hamburgers, my own large fries and my own large cola. I ate everything without being interrupted, without giving my pickle to anyone, without wiping anyone's mouth, nose or bottom. Then I ate the biggest the biggest ice cream I could find.

I was free! I was out of town! So I drove to the cinema and watched a film without buying popcorn, without someone sitting on my lap, without escorting someone to the bathroom. I was a free man. I was living it up-and I was miserable.

By the time I returned home, everyone was asleep. As I slipped into bed my wife whispered, we missed you. I answered me too. I never ran away from home again!

Evangelist Philip Jegede’s Reading Courtesy of DWFT: Matthew 5:4, Is 51:1-16, Ps 30, 1 Corinthians 1:3-7

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