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Evangelists: Billy Graham Positive

If MPBS24/7 were given an opportunity to write a song about Evangelist Billy Graham, the song would go like this. "Simply the best, better than all the rest." A CROSS UP FOR EVANGELIST BILLY GRAHAM. May God Bless Billy Graham!

Evangelists: Franklin Graham Positive
Franklyn Graham is the president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the Samaritan’s Purse relief organization. Son of Billy Graham and one evangelist who speaks honestly, and passionately. He is a pleasant, cheerful, and compassionate evangelist who is making every effort to reach out to the lost young generation for Christ. He was recently criticized for calling Islam a violent religion; well he saw 9/11 and so did the rest of us. MPBS24/7 GIVES FRANKLYN GRAHAM A CROSS UP.

Pastors: Rick Warren Positive
Pasto Rick Warren is the founder and senior pastor of Saddleback Church an evangelical Church located in Lake Forest, California. Saddleback Church is one of America's top ten magachurches. Pastor Warren is also an author of many books. His most famous book is probably The Purpose Driven Life, which has sold millions of copies, making him a New York Times bestselling author. Pastor Warren combines a conservative theological view with traditional evangelical views on major social issues. Pastor Warren hosted the Civil Forum during the 2008 American Presidential election. Pastor Warren basically sticks to the bible. He does not make wild and outrageous religious or spiritual claims. He does not portray himself as holier than members of his congregation. What he does preach is usually backed up by scriptures. Pastor Warren is the type of gentleman that will make a little man feel important when he is in his presence. To this end, MPBS24/7 GIVES PASTOR WARREN A CROSS UP.

Evangelists: Philip Jegede Positive

Dr. Philip 'Evangelistphil' Jegede: Before becoming an ordained Evangelist to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world, Dr. Philip 'Evangelistphil'Jegede served in executive management, and in various capacities. Evangelist Phil obtained his BA degree from The University of Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma. A private, non-sectarian institution that is formally related to the Presbyterian Church (USA). During his several years in Corporate America, Evangelist Phil served as: Corporate Controller----Director of Finance----Chief Accountant---Strategic Business Consultant---Business Startup Consultant---Business Coordinator, the Salvation Army---President & CEO, PIJ Toys Inc. Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Naturemed Laboratories. -----President and CEO, Data Comptroller USA --- Chairman of the board of Directors, First Natasha Foundation The mission of Dr. Philip 'Evangelistphil' Jegede is to save human beings from God's condemnation, by giving them a reason to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior, and to join the Saved in seeking God's wisdom in fulfilling their self-actualization, while also turning their eyes toward themselves, and to find in themselves, not only occasion to give for the advancement of God's kingdom, and to lifting the poor, but the compulsion to see their gifts as expression of love to God, in fulfillment of the commandment of our Lord, Jesus Christ; to love one another. Dr. Philip 'Evangelistphil' Jegede was in Greece for a few years traceing the journey of Paul the apostle through Thessalonica, as in Thessalonians, Ephesus, as in Ephesians, Philippi, as in Philippians, and Corinth, as in Corinthians. A memorable trip he will never forget. Dr. Philip 'Evangelistphil' Jegede has two children, Natasha and Anthony. Evangelist Phil lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. MPBS247 GIVES EVANGELIST PHIL A CROSS UP (Note: Evangelist Phil is the founder of The Philip Jegede Evangelistic Association, Chambers Of The Friends of God, North Central Theological Seminary MPBS24/7-Mighty Power Broadcasting Station), and Workers Benefit Reliance Corporation.

Pastors: MAC HAMMOND Positive
Pastor Mac Hammond is the pastor of Living Word Christian Center In Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Living Word Christian Center is a pretty large church, but would not be considered a mega church. Pastor Mac as he is called is a VERY HARD WORKING MAN. He is real, and would preach for seven days on empty stomach if he has to. He shares the financial status of his Church every Sunday. In the past, the Minneapolis Star and Tribune published an unflattering article about him; an article that seems more like a witch-hunt. An apple does not fall too far from its tree, his son Jim, has a very humbling way of presenting his Sermons; a style that is very different from his dad. Pastor, Lynn, wife of Pastor Mac is co-pastor with Pastor Mac, and she is on fire for Jesus. She is pretty heavy when it comes to speaking in tongues. Pastor Hammond also believes in speaking in tongues, and encourages his congregation to do likewise. WARNING! Do not let this pastor catch you sleeping during one of his sermons. MPBS24/7 GIVES PASTOR HAMMOND A CROSS UP.
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