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From 1 to 1 million strong and growing, Invincible Angels are Christians incapable of being overcome or defeated by Satan; Satan sees them as the unconquerables. For those Invincible Angels around the world and in rural areas who do not have direct access to computers, prayer requests are printed and distributed to them through intermediaries.
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Posted By : Stephanie/gregory
Date : 1-27-2012
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I am requesting prayer but also i am here to tell god that i am very greatful for what he continues to do for me in my life.I would not know where i would be if it wasn't for god keeping me.Me and my fiance greg are just having a tough time with finances and him finding a job.I try to keep him encouraged while also trying to keep myself from being worried and depressed.So i just need some prayers sent up for me and Gregory.Thank you.
Lord you said if we ask "BIG" we will recieve "BIG",i trust you lord to meet my needs.I am asking for a blessing for a better car and a financial blessing to get out of debt.Lord please bless Gregory with a job as well.We need you lord to help us with the things that we are going through.I ask that you not leave us nor forsake us,i love you and you are my source for everything.Lord i ask that you hear my prayer and help us in your son's jesus name,Amen
Posted By Prayer Leader: Invincible Angels Network
"Almighty God, Whose Hands hold all matters of life, give Stephanie/gregory grace of success in the work that Stephanie/gregory does. Help Stephanie/gregory to give it the careful thought and the strict attention that will lead to success. Watch over Stephanie/gregory and govern Stephanie/gregory's actions, that Stephanie/gregory may not mar its perfection. Show Stephanie/gregory how to give the best, and let Stephanie/gregory not despise the toil that is necessary to complete it. Make Stephanie/gregory life a successful one, in that every duty You give to Stephanie/gregory, Stephanie/gregory do it well. Give Stephanie/gregory the blessing of Your help and guidance, and suffer Stephanie/gregory not to fail. In Jesus' name. Amen."
Posted by: Jennifer on 2013-07-17 12:53:06
dear god Stephanie/gregory has come to you lord. loving god please hear their need and pray to you lord. their need your miracle blessings. please god help their need and bless their life. IN JESUS NAME OUR LORD AMEN.
Posted by: Jenny on 2014-10-23 10:50:12
lord god we pray for Stephanie/gregory please lord god guide Stephanie/gregory ay lord and send Stephanie/gregory your miracle blessings, please lord god help Stephanie/gregory needs and pray lord and send Stephanie/gregory more blessings, feel Stephanie/gregory your holy spirit and feel Stephanie/gregory your loving heart. in jesus name amen
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