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Worldwide Christian Persecutions for 'China'

China Plans to Eradicate House Churches

China Plans to Eradicate House Churches Government aims to shut down groups failing to register with official church within 10 years.

Chinese Authorities Again Deny Facility to Shouwang Church

Outdoor worship, arrests resume. By Sarah Page

Shouwang Church to End Outdoor Services; Gao Zhisheng Alive

Embattled Beijing house church to celebrate last open-air service on Christmas Day. By Sarah Page

Christians in China Suffer for Supporting Shouwang Church

Members of other house churches detained, threatened, or condemned to labor camp. By Sarah Page

House Church Alliance Leader in China Sentenced to Labor Camp

Government advisor: ‘abnormal growth’ of Christianity threatens national security. By Sarah Page

China’s Official Church Members ‘Admonish’ Shouwang Group

Another 16 arrested on Sunday; house churches petition for greater religious freedom. By Sarah Page

Chinese Authorities Expel Shouwang Church Member from Beijing

Christian detained at market, sent to parents’ home in Shandong Province. Special to Compass Direct News

Chinese Authorities Expel Shouwang Church Member from Beijing

Christian detained at market, sent to parents’ home in Shandong Province. Special to Compass Direct News

Beleaguered Chinese Church to Provide Legal Aid to Members

Government continues harassment, propaganda campaign, assisted by Three-Self churches. By Sarah Page

China Keeps Church Leaders from Public Worship Attempt

Police put pastors under house arrest over weekend, before detaining at least 160 on Sunday. By Sarah Page

Church in China to Risk Worshipping in Park

Evicted from one site and denied others, unregistered congregation resorts to open air. Special to Compass Direct News

Revelations of Torture Spur Wife of Chinese Lawyer to Action

January 19 MPBS24/7 (A CDN REPORT) – Geng He, wife of missing Christian lawyer Gao Zhisheng, is demanding answers from the Chinese government following new revelations of torture of her husband. “This is the first time that I heard about the details,” Geng, now living in the United States, told Radio Free Asia last week. “My husband did not tell me – would not tell me – how he was tortured.”

Chinese Christians Blocked from Attending Lausanne Congress

Summary: DUBLIN, October 15 MPBS24/7 REPORT From CDN – As organizers prepared for the opening of the Third Lausanne International Congress on World Evangelization tomorrow in Cape Town, South Africa, Chinese police threatened or detained some 200 delegates who had hoped to attend. House church groups in China had raised significant funds to pay the expenses of their chosen delegates, a source told Compass. When house church member Abraham Liu Guan and four other delegates attempted to leave China via Beijing airport on Sunday (Oct. 10), authorities refused to allow them through customs, reported the Chinese-language Ming Pao News. Officials detained one delegate and confiscated the passports of the other four until Oct. 25, the closing date of the conference. China’s State Administration for Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Public Security had notified border control staff that the participation of Chinese Christians in the conference threatened state security and ordered them not to allow delegates to leave, Liu told U.S.-based National Public Radio. The China Aid Association reported that on Wednesday (Oct. 13), approximately 1,000 police officers were stationed at Beijing International Airport to restrain an estimated 100 house church members who planned to leave for the Congress via Beijing. China accused the Lausanne committee of not issuing an invitation to China’s state-controlled church, but according to the Ming Pao report, delegates were required to sign a document expressing their commitment to evangelism, which members of the state-controlled churches could not do because of regulations such as an upper limit on the number of people in each church, state certification for preachers, and the confinement of preaching to designated churches in designated areas.

Human Rights Lawyer Gao Zhisheng Missing Again

Two weeks after release, Christian vanishes while in police custody. DUBLIN, May 7 MPBS24/7 REPORT From(CDN) — Gao Zhisheng, a Christian human rights lawyer released by Chinese officials on April 6 and missing again since April 20, is “definitely in the hands of Chinese security forces,” Bob Fu of the China Aid Association (CAA) told Compass.

China Moves Uyghur Christian Prisoner, Allows Family Visit

Court rejects appeal of 15-year sentence for Alimjan Yimit. DUBLIN, April 29 MPBS24/7 REPORT From(CDN) — Authorities in Xinjiang Province recently moved Uyghur Christian Alimjan Yimit from a prison in Kashgar to a prison in the provincial capital Urumqi and allowed the first visit from family members since his arrest in January 2008, sources told Compass.

Christian Rights Activist Gao Zhisheng Released

Demolished worship site in Linfen city, Shanxi Province. (Photo: China Aid Association) Church likely to face another harsh year, report says.

Chinese Pastor Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison

Harsh punishment for house church leader based on apparently far-fetched charge. LOS ANGELES, December 8 MPBS24/7 REPORT From(CDN) — Chinese authorities have quietly sentenced Uyghur Christian Alimjan Yimit (Alimujiang Yimiti in Chinese) to 15 years in prison on the apparently contrived charge of “providing state secrets to overseas organizations,” according to China Aid Association (CAA).

Worldwide Christian Persecutions

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