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Worldwide Christian Persecutions for 'Iraq'

Islamic Rioters Attack Christian Shops in Northern Iraq

First widespread violence against Christians in once-safe Kurdish region. By Damaris Kremida

The Double Lives of Iraq’s Christian Children

Converts from Islam find persecution is tolerable until it affects their little ones. By Damaris Kremida

Blast Near Church in Kirkuk, Iraq Injures 13

Christian leaders say senseless violence designed to confuse, shock. By Damaris Kremida

Kidnappers Allegedly Called Murdered Iraqi Christian’s Employer

Murderers said to have told contractor to fire Chaldean because he was Christian. By Damaris Kremida

Iraqis Mourn Victims of Massive Attack on Church

Islamic extremist assault, security force operation leave at least 58 dead. By Damaris Kremida

Bomb Attack Seriously Injures Christian Students

One person dead in explosions that end classes for students this semester. ISTANBUL, May 5 MPBS24/7 REPORT From(CDN) — At least 50 Iraqi Christian students are receiving hospital treatment following a bomb attack on Sunday (May 2) outside Mosul that killed at least one person and has forced nearly 1,000 students to drop classes for the rest of the semester.

Violence Escalates in Mosul, Iraq ahead of Elections

Christians seek refuge from violence at monasteries such as this one in Alqosh, 30 kilometers (19 miles) north of Mosul. Christians targeted as political tension builds in weeks leading to parliamentary polls.

Kidnapped Christian Doctor Freed in Critical Condition

Kidnapping of Christians on Iraqi streets now occurs regularly. Daughter’s ransom negotiations lead to release of Kirkuk pediatrician after 29 days of torture.

Worldwide Christian Persecutions

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