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Worldwide Christian Persecutions for 'Israel'

Victims of Explosion in Israel Lament Plea Agreement

Ultra-right Jew who planted bomb ruled guilty but not responsible. By Wayne King

Messianic Jews Singled Out in Israeli Town

Flyers post addresses, phone numbers of harassed minority. By Wayne King

Messianic Christian Couple in Israel Accused of Converting Minor

Ultra-Orthodox Jews harass, threaten pair even though 16-year-old has not converted. By Wayne King

Church Building in Israel Set Ablaze

Church Building in Israel Set Ablaze Unidentified arsonist guts bottom floors of Jerusalem ministry center. By Wayne King


ISRAEL September 3 MPBS247REPORT FRom CDN An Israeli man accused of planting a homemade bomb that almost killed the son of a Messianic Jewish pastor in Ariel, Israel has been declared competent to stand trial. Jack Teitel, 37, who in November was indicted on two charges of pre-meditated murder, three charges of attempted murder and numerous weapons charges, is expected to enter a plea on Sunday (Sept. 5). David and Leah Ortiz, parents of the teenage victim, said that the 10 months since the indictment have been difficult but their stance toward Teitel remains the same; they have forgiven him for the attack but want him to face justice before a judge and seek salvation from God. If nothing else, they said, they want him incarcerated to keep other Messianic Jews from being attacked either by Teitel or those following his lead. Sunday’s plea will open the way for a trial expected to start within weeks and last for more than six months. Officials at a hearing to be held this week, possibly the same day as the scheduled plea, will decide whether or not Teitel will be moved from the mental hospital where he has been held for most of his detainment. It is possible Teitel will enter no plea at all on Sunday. He has publically stated that he doesn’t “recognize the jurisdiction” of Jerusalem District Court. On March 20, 2008, Ami Ortiz, then 15, opened a gift basket that someone had left anonymously at his family’s home in Ariel; the ensuing explosion destroyed much of the Ortiz home and shattered Ami’s body. His father is well known in Israel, both for his activities in the Jewish community and for his efforts to expose Palestinians to the gospel. “He said the reason why he wanted to kill me was that I was the most radical in evangelism, so I had to be first,” said David Ortiz, who has seen transcripts of Teitel’s confessions.

Alleged Bomber of Christian Boy in Israel to Stand Trial

Ami Ortiz's parents say his recovery from a bomb attack has been nothing short of a miracle. Hearing could determine whether Jack Teitel is transferred from mental hospital.

Messianic Jewish Church Won’t Appeal Israeli Court Ruling

Howard Bass and wife Randi Bass of Yeshua’s Inheritance church. Congregation sought apology for riotous attack on baptism service.

Messianic Jews in Israel Seek Public Apology for Attack

Messianic Jewish worship service was underway when ultra-orthodox Jews attacked in 2005. Christians await court decision on assaults on services by ultra-orthodox Jews.

Jewish Christian in Israel Seeks Protection from Repeated Attacks

Police unresponsive to U.S.-born activist assaulted for his faith. JERUSALEM, December 28 MPBS24/7 REPORT From(CDN) — A Christian of Jewish origin who has been attacked on the streets here four times because of his faith in Christ is seeking police protection.

Victims of Bomb Blast in Israel Recovering as Suspect Indicted

Ami Ortiz, then 15, nearly six weeks after he opened Purim basket containing a bomb. (Photo: Leah Ortiz) Messianic Jews hope for punishment from courts, mercy from God, for confessed killer.

Worldwide Christian Persecutions

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