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Worldwide Christian Persecutions for 'Iran'

Rumors of Imminent Execution of Iranian Pastor Unconfirmed

Lawyers await written confirmation that court issued execution order. By Damaris Kremida

Decision Stalled on Iranian Pastor Sentenced to Death

Convicted of leaving Islam, Christian may have to wait one year for ruling. By Damaris Kremida

Iranian Pastor on Death Row Under Pressure

Ruling awaited from supreme leader on Christian sentenced to death for leaving Islam. By Damaris Kremida

Iranian Pastor Stands Firm in Faith, Faces Execution

Court to determine Yousef Nadarkhaniā€™s fate in the coming week. By Damaris Kremida

Iranian Christian Pays for Faith with 105 Days in Evin Prison

Convert from Islam reflects on the cost of following Christ. By Damaris Kremida

Iranian Authorities Free Christian after Year in Prison

Dual Dutch-Iranian citizen of Armenian descent worked with drug-addicted Muslims. By Damaris Kremida

Pastor in Iran Awaits Decision on Execution

Death penalty dependent on whether officials determine if he was once Muslim. By Wayne King

Hostile Rhetoric Turns Up Heat on Iranian Christians

Anti-Christian statements said to reflect leadersā€™ dismay with house church growth. Special to Compass Direct News

Threat of Prosecution Remains for Some Christians Freed in Iran

Bail amounts can be high; half of those arrested in December-January still incarcerated. By Damaris Kremida

Anti-Christian Speeches in Iran Led to Crackdown, Sources Say

As many as 120 Christians arrested as government tries to stop house church movement. By Damaris Kremida

Authorities Detain Christians without Legal Counsel

Maryam Jalili, one of three Christians still detained at Evin prison. Half of those arrested in recent months could face apostasy charges.

Iran Arrests, Coerces Christians over Christmas Season

Authorities threaten to take ailing daughter from parents. ISTANBUL, January 6 MPBS24/7 From(CDN) ā€” A wave of arrests hit Iranian house churches during the Christmas season, leaving at least five Christian converts in detention across northern Iran, including the mother of an ailing 10-year-old girl.

Two Christian Women Acquitted of all Charges

Maryam Rostampour and Marzieh Amirizadeh Esmaeilabad Young converts previously held in prison for Christian activities have fled country.

Iranian Authorities Release Assyrian Pastor on Bail

The Rev. Wilson Issavi. Accused of ā€˜converting Muslims,ā€™ church leader faces trial ā€“ and threat of murder.

Iranian Pastor Tortured, Threatened for ā€˜Converting Muslimsā€™

Arrest, imprisonment appear to be part of larger crackdown in Isfahan. ISTANBUL, March 8 MPBS24/7 Report From (CDN) ā€” An Assyrian pastor the Iranian government accused of ā€œconverting Muslimsā€ is being tortured in prison and threatened with execution, sources close to the case said.

Worldwide Christian Persecutions

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